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Everyone has unusual situations where repeated efforts have not produced the desired result. The right person without knowledge of all the reasons for failure may be able to provide ingredients to achieve success.

Bob Bird has successfully handled many special assignments in sales and other areas involving personal contact. The situations include: obtaining business, resolving differences, gaining loyalty, initiating acquisitions and mergers and finding the right people for special projects.


- Brought in major new business from three automobile manufacturers to a supplier of injection molded plastic parts and assemblies. Two of the new customers were Japanese transplants. Assignments were completed successfully without prior knowledge of products or market.

- Quickly arranged an initial meeting between two business owners who had previously been unable to get together. A successful merger resulted.

- Located an outstanding person for a demanding assignment critical to the success of a unique new manufacturing operation

- Completed unusual money collections thought to be impossible.

- Delivered difficult orders in varied and unique markets. Successfully sold items as diverse as automotive glass, computer hardware and software, turnkey systems, pumps, electric power generation, distribution and control equipment, environmental items, services, plastics and self published books.


Retainer, Commission, fee or as negotiated depending on assignment.