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What are "Selling Situations"?
Any situation where you want to achieve specific objectives by explaining to others how they will benefit by making favorable decisions. Much of your business and personal time is spent in “Selling Situations”.

What is the session?
A one hour conversation which will expose you to several unusual, field proven principles for improving results in “Selling Situations”.

Who am I?
Bob Bird has worked in direct sales for over 50 years. He found customers for his car wash and lawn service business while growing up in Iowa, worked as a high producing sales engineer for 15 years for large, medium, and small companies and for over 40 years has been an independent sales agent handling diverse products and special assignments.

What are the principles?
Some exposures from schooling, reading, mentors and field experience have been so profound in practice that they have been incorporated into daily actions in the constant effort to improve results. Nine stand out:

1. Zig Ziglar’s 3 characteristics of top achievers
2. Lt. Craver’s two lifetime lessons in ten minutes plus one additional
    military input
3. John Donovan’s story of “Eddie Scar”
4. Harvard Business School’s Turtle Wax
5. Bill Davidson’s life altering book recommendation
6. Winston Churchill’s graduation speech
7. Roy Haedt’s two statements of practical wisdom
8. Two major reasons for failing in selling situations and what to do 
    about them
9. A sure way to connect with young people

Bob will elaborate on how these revelations came about and how they can work for you to improve results in YOUR “Selling Situations”

To schedule a session or for more information:
Web www.bobbirdsales.com